Membership Drive 2014-2015

To all past, existing and future Babylon School District members, we need your assistance in helping us help our Athletic programs.  We do have a few fundraisers throughout the year but the majority of our funds come from our membership drive.  If you played a sport in Babylon or have enjoyed watching your children play a sport in Babylon you understand how important playing sports is to not only the Children but our community.  The Children have to go to school but choose to play a sport, they do this for many different reasons and it is the Booster Clubs Goal to try and make this experience the best that it can be.  We do this by assisting the Athletic Department with purchases of items that do fall within the budget.  Over the past few years we have been able to purchase the following items:  Scoreboards for Baseball, Field Hockey, Soccer and Softball.  Goals for Field Hockey and Lacrosse, improvement to basketball Scoreboard, Tackling Shoot for Football and team chairs for Volleyball, Basketball and Wrestling.   We have also hosted all of our Varsity Awards and assisted our Championship teams.  We have many more goals we want to reach but we need your help.  Please become a member and help your children, your school and your community out

Thank you

Kevin Going President